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The Great Mosque of Banten is one of the oldest mosques in Indonesia which is full of historical value. This mosque is located in Old Banten, Serang City, Banten Province, Indonesia.

Ujung Kulon National Park is located on the Ujung Kulon Peninsula, the westernmost part of Java Island, Indonesia. This national park area initially covered the Krakatoa area and several small islands in the vicinity such as Handeuleum Island and Peucang Island and Panaitan Island.

The Baduy tribe is a native tribe of Banten who have lived in Banten for thousands of years. You must visit this tourist location, especially for those of you who like ethnic traveling. In this Baduy Tribe Village, you will be treated to views of the pure culture and customs of the tribe.

This beach is the most popular beach on the western part of Java Island. Apart from having clean white sand, this beach is also known for having calm waves.

Tanjung Lesung Beach in Tanjungjaya Village is a must visit because it has clean white sand and is not visited by many tourists. This beach has a group of coral rocks that create a beautiful natural marine panorama.

The atmosphere felt on this beach is very similar to the vibes that can be felt on Nusa Dua Beach, Bali. The waves on this beach are also calm so visitors are safe playing in the waves from the Sunda Strait sea.

The Krakatau Nature Reserve is located on the volcanic island resulting from the eruption of Mount Krakatau located in the Sunda Strait. To reach this place, you can use a speedboat from Merak Harbor, Banten. In this nature reserve lives a variety of unique flora and fauna. A number of animals that you will often encounter in this nature reserve are snakes, lizards, sea turtles and bats

Various activities can be done in this next tourist area in Banten. Apart from walking the winding road to the peak of Mount Krakatau, you can also snorkel.